【Vietnam】Sports Friendship Exchange Project

Time Period
3rd–10th November, 2015
Sport/Programme Category
Par-powerlifting, Para-Swimming
The Foreign Ministry, The Japanese Para-Sports Association, and The Japanese Paralympic Committee
Recipient Organisation
The Vietnamese Paralympic Association
The Japan Para-Weightlifting Federation, Japan Sun Industries, The Japanese Para-Swimming Federation
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
12 people

The Foreign Ministry and the Japan Paralympic Committee worked in partnership to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the paralympic domain by inviting 12 coaches and athletes from the Vietnamese powerlifting and para-swimming teams and assisting with their training in Japan.

During their stay in Japan, the powerlifting team stayed in a training camp at 'Japan Sun Industries' in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, and deepened their knowledge of approaches to Japanese paralympic sports by interacting with Japanese athletes. The swimming team attended training and lectures in Miyagi Prefecture and then participated in the Japan Para-swimming Tournament. They all successfully renewed their personal bests.

Vice-President of the Bu Vietnam Paralympic Association

Feedback from :

I am very grateful to have been invited by Japan to attend the training and events. I accompanied the Oita team and it was a great learning experience to see how the environment had been setup at 'Japan Sun Industries' to enable the people with disabilities employed there to access sports. I hope for further exchange and cooperation between Japan and Vietnam in future.

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