【Malawi 】Implementation of UNDOKAI and Radio Taiso Exercise

Time Period
4th Feb.
Sport/Programme Category
Japan Sport Council
Japan Overseas Cooperative Association (JOCA)
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
Approx. 3,000 people
The Japan Overseas Cooperative Association (JOCA) held a joint UNDOKAI for three schools at an primary school in the capital city of Lilongwe. It was also conducted as teacher training so that local teachers could carry out UNDOKAI on their own. From the setting up to the operation of the venue, it was carried out by nine local faculty members.
Radio taiso exercises, tug of war, 100-meter dash, relays, and dragon races were held. In particular, the tug of war was a close battle, and the excitement in the audience was palpable.

At the request of the Japanese Embassy in Malawi, Minister Chiyumiya of the Malawi Youth & Sports Agency also attended the event. He cheered on the children and commented that he would look forward to UNDOKAI in Malawi again.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Participant :

-I want to play a tug-of-war battle.
-I want you to hold UNDOKAI every year.
-It was a lot of fun and I wanted to participate in more competitions.
-I want to practice more before joining UNDOKAI.
-I was happy because our team won the championship.
-Thanks to UNDOKAI, the attendance rate of students has increased.

【Malawi 】Implementation of UNDOKAI and Radio Taiso Exercise1
【Malawi 】Implementation of UNDOKAI and Radio Taiso Exercise2
【Malawi 】Implementation of UNDOKAI and Radio Taiso Exercise3
【Malawi 】Implementation of UNDOKAI and Radio Taiso Exercise4