【Brazil】Athlete Pathway Forum

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Japan Sport Council
Recipient Organisation
Institut national du sport, de l'expertise et de la performance (INSEP)
Comitê Olímpico Brasileiro (COB)
National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) in Singapore
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
10 people
The Japan Sport Council (JSC) has held the Athlete Pathway Forum for the purpose of Talent Identification and Development (TID) as a strategic support project for athletes' pathways and information strategic activities at the Rio Olympic Games. In order to promote strategic cooperation with sports organizations in each country with which JSC has signed a cooperation agreement (MOU), we exchanged information with TID related parties and discussed the contents of future cooperation.

JSC acted as a facilitator to exchange information on the latest information on TIDs and athlete pathways in the four forum participating countries, Japan (JSC), France (INSEP), Singapore (NYSI), and Brazil (COB), as well as trends after the Rio Olympics. As a result of discussions on themes that each country was interested in (eg, cooperation between competitions), a cooperation plan such as a joint training program including competitions between Japanese and overseas athletes came out.

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Comments from COB officials, Brazil:
It was very useful to be able to exchange information with each country and hold a meeting about the contents of cooperation. We would like to continue exchanging information and promoting cooperation through the program.

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