【Philippines】Run! Jump! Learn! The 5th Cebu Island Dai-Undokai

Time Period
5-22 Aug. 2017
Philippine/Cebu city
Sport/Programme Category
Undokai (Japanese-style Sports Day)
Seven Spirit (NPO)
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
80 people

We held a Undokai, Japanese-style Sports Day with kids who live in slums and are having difficulty getting education in their daily life.
Professional PE teachers and Japanese university students who are going through trainings to become sports coaches prepared the event and conducted.
The whole rehearsal and the actual day happened in a duration of 4 days, and kids between the age of 5 and 15 and their parents participated and experienced the joy, the excitement and the sense of freedom sports activities bring as benefits.

This project objective is to support promotion of sports in developing countries. A particular strong interest of ours is to help people nurture various life-impacting skillsets through sports activities.

We believe participating in this Undokai will give people an opportunity to experience the joy of exercise and sports and the importance of communicating and collaborating with surrounding people.
We also hope that this will be a great event where people can further strengthen their making sound judgments and thinking logically.
【Philippines】Run! Jump! Learn! The 5th Cebu Island Dai-Undokai1
【Philippines】Run! Jump! Learn! The 5th Cebu Island Dai-Undokai2
【Philippines】Run! Jump! Learn! The 5th Cebu Island Dai-Undokai3
【Philippines】Run! Jump! Learn! The 5th Cebu Island Dai-Undokai4