【Thailand】Sport for Tomorrow
Women’s Rugby Clinic in Bangkok

Time Period
February 20th, 2016
Sport/Programme Category
Japan Sport Council
Japan Ruguby Football Union
Recipient Organisation
Chulalongkorn university
Bangkok university
Phetchaburi states 30 people(female rugby players and trainers)
Ryutsu Keizai University
Thail Rugby Union
Kasetsart laboratory school
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
Players 27
Coaches 3
Indirect Trainers 69
Local Staffs 10
Total 109

An intensive training session and a panel discussion were held for female rugby players in Bangkok, Thailand. The event was organised by the former Japan national team rugby players, Masatoshi Mukouyama, Youhei Shinomiya, and 2015 female Japan national team rugby players Emi Ito, and Chikami Inoue. Throughout the experience of Japanese style practice, participants had a great opportunity to understand the mind of elite athletes from them.

The technical training session for female rugby players included some practical demonstrations of the Japanese style practice. Japanese students from Ryutsu Keizai University rugby club team also joined and supported the event. In the panel discussion, Japanese coaches and players shared their experiences, and they also discussed the current state of women rugby players and issues in Japan. Participants showed their strong interests in stories from former and current Japan national team players.

Feedback from :

It was a great opportunity to learn technical skills with professional players and I would like to share what I had learned today to my club members as well. Participating the panel discussion drove me to practice even harder since this event motivated me to make great progress.

【Thailand】Sport for Tomorrow</br>Women’s Rugby Clinic in Bangkok1
【Thailand】Sport for Tomorrow</br>Women’s Rugby Clinic in Bangkok2
【Thailand】Sport for Tomorrow</br>Women’s Rugby Clinic in Bangkok3
【Thailand】Sport for Tomorrow</br>Women’s Rugby Clinic in Bangkok4