【Thailand】JDFA School Visit in Thonburi

Time Period
20th Jun., 2016
Bangkok, Thailand
Sport/Programme Category
Japan Dream Football Association
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
60 people
The Japan Dream Football Association (JDFA) is an organization founded by former Gamba Osaka captain Mr. Masao Kiba, and is engaged in activities to train J-League players from Southeast Asia. Through its activities in ASEAN countries that have continued since 2012, it has been highly evaluated by many local stakeholders.

This year, JDFA Football Clinic in Thonburi was held in Thailand with the support of Bangkok Christian College and full cooperation. JDFA representative Mr. Masao Kiba gave lessons to about 60 Thai junior high school students.

See below for the Japanese version.
【Thailand】JDFA School Visit in Thonburi1
【Thailand】JDFA School Visit in Thonburi2
【Thailand】JDFA School Visit in Thonburi3
【Thailand】JDFA School Visit in Thonburi4
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