【Brazil】Japan-Brazil Sports Promotion Project

Time Period
1-8 March 2017
Brazil San Paulo: Rio de Janeiro
Sport/Programme Category
Endowment of baseball/basketball gears
Athletes For Fans Foundation
Recipient Organisation
Brazil Baseball Federation
Paulista Baseball Federation
Mangueira Neuma Elementary School
taquara Judo School
Ozaki Chairperson of Saitama Prefecture People Committee
Shikada Chairperson of Rio de Janeiro State Japan-Brazil Sport Culture Federation
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
San Paulo: 20 (Baseball people)
Rio de Janeiro: 50 (elementary school and Judo school children)
These numbers above are the rough number of children given gloves/shoes/clothes

Deliver sports gears no longer used in Japan to kids in Brazil!!
There are kids out there desperate to play baseball but cannot because they cannot afford gloves.
There are kids out there desperate to play basketball but cannot because they cannot afford sports shoes. I learned there were kids who could not enjoy sports because of their circumstances in the city where the Olympic/Paralympic Games were held, and decided to go there, to Brazil.

I gave baseball gloves to kids living in Guararapes who cannot afford them, I also gave basketball shoes to kids living in the region called favela of Mangueira.

These items are not just expensive in those cities, but there are hardly any shops selling them, hence kids have no access to these items.

I started this project thinking it would be great if sports equipment no longer being in use be something beneficial for kids in Brazil.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

There was no 25 year-old Japanese before him who brought so many sports gears coming all the way by himself all for kids in Brazil.
There were people who brought 2-3 things in their suitcases when they had some other purpose to come to Brazil, but no one ever brought two suitcases filled with things he thought would benefit these kids paying expenses out of his pocket money.
I was very moved by the fact there was such a Japanese guy.

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