【Vietnam】“Giving Children the Chance to Experience Sport”

Time Period
October 6 to November 12, 2016
Vietnam・Ho Chi Minh City / Hanoi City / Can-tho City
Sport/Programme Category
Japan Sport Council
Recipient Organisation
SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam
Vietnam Football Federation(VFF)
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
93,840 people

People gathered during the selection of the Vietnam football players, with the SFT providing a setting in which cultural exchange was able to take place, and the Japan Sport Council, in cooperation with the Vietnam Football Federation and SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam communicated a message on the theme of resolving poverty, a societal issue in Vietnam.

The following events were held for three friendly international matches, with the message of “giving children the chance to experience sport” promoted through each programme.

・Visitor participation type PK events were held at venue booths
・Ceremonies that promoted our message were held during halftime
・Children of SOS Villages were invited to each match
・After the matches, players and children held up message banners

Additionally, a football clinic led by the coaching staff was hosted in collaboration with the J. League team Avispa Fukuoka, the opposing team from the match held in Can Tho.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

After the first match, changes such as players taking the initiative to visit SOS Villages took place, and I feel that after these matches, the opinions of the people of Vietnam in regards to the national team has changed. I don’t think there are any better ideas for the future than this, and I would like to work in order to benefit the SFT and the people of Vietnam.(VFF General Secretary LE HOAI ANH)
I think that these matches showed that the SFT is concerned with children who live in difficult circumstances and the communities in which these children live. The theme of our activities is “not growing up alone (growing up together)”, but this is certainly a valuable opportunity that contributes to our theme.(SOS Villages National Director PhD. DO TIEN DUNG)

【Vietnam】“Giving Children the Chance to Experience Sport”1
【Vietnam】“Giving Children the Chance to Experience Sport”2
【Vietnam】“Giving Children the Chance to Experience Sport”3
【Vietnam】“Giving Children the Chance to Experience Sport”4
【Vietnam】“Giving Children the Chance to Experience Sport”5
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