【Namibia】Dissemination of Table Tennis in Namibia

Time Period
July 12, 2016
Sport/Programme Category
Table tennis
Iruma Soft Co., Ltd.
Recipient Organisation
Namibia Table Tennis Association
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
300 people (breakdown: 300 people in Namibia)

Iruma Soft Co., Ltd. is providing equipment for the Namibia Table Tennis Association in Africa to conduct table tennis dissemination activities in Namibia. Few people play table tennis in Namibia, so the only equipment available is worn out, and there are circumstances where there are no rackets or rubber even though there is a table tennis table. Therefore, second-hand equipment is crucial for disseminating table tennis. Also, in Namibia, sports are not very popular, so our group is also promoting the dissemination of sports culture through sports that people can enjoy indoors, such as table tennis.

This project began after hearing from Namibian players who participated in the 2014 World Table Tennis Championships about the local situation, where there is no equipment, nowhere to buy equipment, nobody playing table tennis (or any sports), and few people even knowing about the sport. Our table tennis department collected unneeded table tennis equipment from customers and sent it to the association. The equipment we sent is not intended for strengthening players, but to help disseminate table tennis, led by the Namibia Table Tennis Association. The main effort is to gather local people and children in schools or regional gatherings with a table tennis table, bring officers and players from the association, and enjoy table tennis together.
【Namibia】Dissemination of Table Tennis in Namibia1