【Peru】Disabled Sports Project by JICA Senior Volunteers (SV)

Time Period
April 2013 - March 2015 (volunteers assigned for this time period)September 3-5 2014 (Disabled Sports Coach raining Course)
Lima, Peru (Capital City)
Sport/Programme Category
Disabled Sports (Occupational and Physical Therapists)
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Recipient Organisation
Peru National Disability Rehabilitation Center (INR)
Peru National Disability Rehabilitation Center (INR)
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
Approx. 330 - therapists, students, patients and their families; plus local hospital doctors and medical nurses

Support for a disabled sports project for patients with brain damage at the INR in Peru, a center built with funds from Japanese aid. Approx. 1.5 years after the start of the project, a request was made to JICA for short-term volunteers with more expert knowledge of disabled sports, and this was granted. The short-term volunteers assisted in running a Disabled Sports Coach Training Course. This contributed to the cultivation of local leaders and facilitating local understanding.

The coach training course was designed to 1) cultivate local leaders and 2) facilitate the return of local patients to society. 8 students and 2 teachers from the Fukuoka branch of the International University of Health and Welfare and the Physical Therapy Occupational Studies section of Kagoshima University were sent as short-term volunteers to support the project. The course consisted of lectures by the official for Disabled Sports at the local Ministry of Sport, and technical coaching and demonstrations of frisbee, ground golf and Boccia by volunteers. The final day was a sport meet that included participants from two other hospitals in addition to the INR, and a great time was had by all. Local contacts said: "You'll see me in 2020! I'll make it into the Tokyo Paralympics!" In the future, locals and volunteers alike will come together to cultivate athletes and dream of a spot at Tokyo in 6 years.

Feedback from :

People said that the demonstrations etc. during the course gave them a better understanding of the rules and coaching methods, and participants said that they hoped that the short-term volunteers could come again in future.INR president said himself that in the future he would like to continue integrating disabled sports operations with his work.

【Peru】Disabled Sports Project by JICA Senior Volunteers (SV)1
【Peru】Disabled Sports Project by JICA Senior Volunteers (SV)2