【Peru】Conducting workshops on Physical Education in Peru and Japan

Time Period
18 Aug. 2017
Sport/Programme Category
School PE/Supporting workshops
Hiroshima University
Aichi Prefectural University
Embassy of Japan in Peru
National San Marcos University (Peru)
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
334 people

We provided workshops at San Marcos University, the famous university as the oldest in the whole American Continent including North America. The audience was teachers and students of San Marcos University PE teacher training course.

Professor Kazuhiko Saito of Hiroshima University introduced Japanese PE system and the concept of class research as a specific case study. The audience showed strong interests in schools/universities/governmental organizations etc. collaborating to analyze class contents to further improve its quality.

In Peru, with its new curriculum becoming effective in 2017, 3 hours a week PE will become compulsory in all elementary/junior high/high schools while no numbers of hours were set before. With this change, teachers who can provided adequate PE classes complying with the new national curriculum are in need.

With such circumstance, people in the event showed strong interests in physical education provided in Japan including the class research initiatives to nurture teachers to keep learning. We even had some workshops where more people turned up than the maximum capacity of seats so people needed to participate standing.

Feedback from Participant :

I think the class research approach can be used not only for PE but also for other subjects. I would love to actually see how PE classes are conducted in Japan. (from a workshop participant)

【Peru】Conducting workshops on Physical Education in Peru and Japan1
【Peru】Conducting workshops on Physical Education in Peru and Japan2
【Peru】Conducting workshops on Physical Education in Peru and Japan3
【Peru】Conducting workshops on Physical Education in Peru and Japan4