【Cambodia】Cambodia Sports Day – Physical Education Support Project

Time Period
February ~ March 2015
Cambodia - Sihanoukville Province
Sport/Programme Category
Sports day - Physical Education - Sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball)
International Budo University Department of Physical Education Class: “Sports Design Practice”
Recipient Organisation
Anuwat Primary School, Hun Sen Kaorng primary school, Hun Sen Khleanglur primary school
Provincial Teacher Training College Sihanoukville
Number of Individual Beneficiaries

A project to support the establishment of physical education in Cambodia through a Sports Day (undokai) by sponsoring a joint meet with students from a Cambodian primary education teacher-training school and students from Japan. Through the meet, teach children about cooperation and camaraderie with fellow students, and they experience the joy of physical movement.

In a school yard in Cambodia, cheers of "Go, red team!" "Go, blue team!" resonate through the air. Cambodian children eagerly participate in an obstacle race, and play games like basketball, ball relay, and tug-of-war. It's an athletic meet jointly held by Japanese students and students training to be elementary education teachers in Cambodia. As part of their physical education course, Japanese students distribute manuals on how to run meets as well as physical education tutorials. Physical education videos are also streamed through the internet. The data and video can be accessed even after Japanese students return home.

Comment from the principal of Sihanoukville Primary School Pedagogy Teachers Training Center, Sok Tu Bi

Feedback from Local Contacts :

“It was a wonderful experience for the Cambodian students to be taken to a school over 100 kilometers away for a Sports Day organized by the Japanese students. Our teacher-trainees felt a great sense of accomplishment from the reaction they received from the young students. I would like to keep having sports festivals at elementary schools once graduating teachers are appointed to their elementary schools

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