【Indonesia】Healthy Lifestyle Exhibition in Jakarta

Time Period
3rd - 4th Mar , 2018
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Japan Sport Agency
Japan Sport Council
Embassy of Japan in Indonesia
Jakarta Japan Club(JJC)
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
43,000 people

In March 2018, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) held a “Healthy Lifestyle Exhibition in Jakarta” in Jakarta, Indonesia, to introduce Japan’s health-related products and services to local consumers. Sports-related products and services were on display, and professional athletes from Japan put on performances, sending a message about the attractiveness of Japanese sports to the 130,000 people in attendance.

A total of 53 companies took part, displaying healthy lifestyle and sports-related products and services in the exhibition area and the stage where hands-on experiences were offered.
On the stage, PR videos showed Sports for Tomorrow, the popularization of sports for people with disabilities in Tokyo, and the J League to the 43,000 Indonesians in attendance. The venue was alive with activity. A freestyle football word champ and No. 1 ranked flatland BMX competitor performed, the Okayama Seagulls played volleyball, and rugby players from Ryutsu Keizai University held a rugby workshop in anticipation of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. About 1,200 local children participated in a kick target event held with J League’s Omiya Ardija.

Feedback from Participant :

Some exhibitors offered comments such as “It’s a very valuable opportunity for us to do a market survey in the country where we are looking to expand, while directly in touch with local consumers. I will definitely participate next time.”

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