【Kenya】Nature & Sport Training Camps 2017

Time Period
7th-18th August,2017
Sport/Programme Category
Addressing social problems through sports
NPO Global Sports Alliance
Recipient Organisation
Sadili Oval Sports Academy
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
300 people

A Japanese-style sporting event, “Undokai” was held in Kibera slum.

Since 2001, the NPO Global Sports Alliance has been holding a sports and environmental education program, GSA Dream Camp in Nairobi, the capital of the Republic of Kenya, which is located in the eastern part of Africa. The sports camp runs an intensive training program to elevate athletic skill sets, offers leadership training as well as environmental education programs that include clean-ups and tree planting. The dream camp in this fiscal year, Nature and Sport Camp, was held as a certified project for the Support for Tomorrow program.

The Undokai has been held since 2005 during the camp, but this time, we were able to deliver new equipment through crowdfunding. This Undokai is slightly different from the Japanese one in that the former includes tree-planting ahead of the event and a chance to learn about cleaning up and sorting trash. The event space was decorated for the time this year, and the number of events increased. The place was buzzing with excitement more than it ever had in the past. There are no words to describe the smile on the children’s faces as they split up into red and white teams, competing against each other.

Ball toss
Relay race
Three-legged race
Big-foot race
Spoon relay race
Potato sack race
Water-carrying race
Tug of war
Clean-up and trash sorting race

Liz Odera (Sadili Oval Sports Academy)

Feedback from Local Contacts :

The Japanese Style Undokai is the most popular event at the GSA Dream Camp. The Undokai has been held for more than 10 years now, it’s a great way to teach children how to work hard and cooperate as a group toward a common goal, and the children of Kent have embraced the event. We plan to continue holding this event periodically.

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