【Thailand】Krunshi Ayutthaya “Kizuna” EKIDEN 2018

Time Period
28th Jan., 2018
Ayutthaya, Thailand
Sport/Programme Category
Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand
The Mainichi Newspapers
RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corp.
Embassy of Japan in Thailand
Ayutthaya Province
Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok
Thai-Japanese Association>The Japan Thailand Association
Japanese Association in Thailand
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
1,100 people
The 2nd tournament was held to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Japan-Thailand favorites.
It was co-sponsored by the Thai government, Mainichi Newspapers, and RKB Mainichi Broadcasting, which was held in Ayutthaya on a circuit course of world heritage sites.

The tournament began at 6:30 am on January 28, 2018, with 400 runners starting the race connecting the Tasuki of Japan-Thailand friendship. We contributed to the creation of cross-country communication through sports. The teams were comprised of Japanese and Thai players with each team consisting of four players.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Participant :

I think that the Thai and Japanese teams were able to deepen their friendship through the unique Japanese style of sports called "EKIDEN" that connects the tasuki.

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