【Nigeria】Overseas Student Athlete Project

Time Period
17th Feb., 20th Mar., 17th Aug., 20th Oct., ,16th to 18th Dec., 2017
24th Mar., 2018
Sport/Programme Category
Volleyball, Football, Basketball
Taiyo Industry Africa Inc.
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
227 people
A test session was held at a Japanese high school called OSAP (Oversea Student Athlete Project) to select study abroad candidates for a three-year scholarship. Sending students who excel in sports abilities are required by Japanese high schools to study abroad, which promotes sports exchanges and cross-cultural exchanges and helps strengthen grassroots-level ties between the two countries.

As the number of students decreases due to the declining birthrate, a private high school is trying to find a feature in sports through international exchange companies, which conducts business activities at the grassroots level in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, that united to create Nigerian youth with excellent physical ability.

See below for the Japanese version.
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【Nigeria】Overseas Student Athlete Project2
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