【Australia】Lifesaving Australia Training Camp

Time Period
28th Feb. to 18th Mar., 2018
Northcliffe, Queensland, Australia
Sport/Programme Category
OTAKE Surf Life Saving Club
BMD Northcliffe (Australia)
A student at the Otake Surf Lifesaving Club has earned an Australian Lifesaving qualification from its sister club, BMD Northcliffe Club. Students stayed at club members' homes and experienced local cultural lifestyles. Students also participated in local junior high and high school students practiced and learned their expertise and Australia's unique practice efforts and attitudes.

Australia is the birthplace of lifesaving, and students were able to learn the difference between lifesaving in Japan and Australia by learning the knowledge and skills related to lifesaving. Also, by practicing and communicating with club members, students were able to learn the differences in thinking due to different backgrounds and developed the ability to think about things from a broad perspective and a new sense of value.

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