【Thailand】Soft Tennis Support Activities in Asia

Time Period
21st to 27th Feb., 2018
Sport/Programme Category
Soft Tennis
TEAM K-CHILDREN General Incorporated Association
Recipient Organisation
Thai Soft Tennis Association
Thai Soft Tennis Association, Sayam Soft Tennis Team
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
158 people
Seven Asian countries, Japanese business teams, and local Thai club teams participated in the 7th Thailand Open International Soft Tennis Championship 2018, and they enjoyed the international exchange.

This year, the Asian Games will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, so the national teams of each country have been seriously working on improving their skills. At lunch, the players from each country enjoyed chatting and expanding the circle of friendship with the local home cooking. When they interacted with the participating countries at the tournament and asked about the current situation in each country, they said that they wanted to increase the population of soft tennis but needed assistance due to lack of equipment and trainers. Soft tennis rackets and balls were donated to the Thai Soft Tennis Association and provided technical guidance to the Thai Soft Tennis National Team. Japan would like to continue to support the spread of soft tennis in the future.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

Comments from Mr. Pipat Tungittiplakom:
Thank you for always supporting the Thai team. The number of soft tennis enthusiasts has increased, but we are grateful for your cooperation and support as it is difficult to obtain equipment such as rackets and balls. Also, please do technical training at the seminar.

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