Exchange and Swimming Coaching with the Nepal Paralympic Swimming Association

Time Period
5th and 6th Dec., 2017
Tokyo, Japan
Sport/Programme Category
Japanese Para-Swimming Federation
Recipient Organisation
National Para Swimming Association
Kobe City
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
4 people
This project was triggered by the Nepalese Paralympic Swimming Team holding a joint training camp in Tokyo and Kobe in December 2016 under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sports Diplomacy Promotion Project.

We invited three para-swimmers and the Para-Swimming Associations staff from Nepal to Tokyo for swimming coaching, facility tours, and exchanges with related organizations.
After arriving in Tokyo, the athletes practiced at the BumB Tokyo Sports Culture Center pool under the coach of Masato Sakai, a competition technical committee member. In addition, we visited the Paralympic Support Center of the Japan Foundation and sports facilities in Tokyo. The players also reunited with the people they interacted with during the project last year.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

Comments from President of Nepal Paralympic Swimming Association:
We would like to thank the Japan Swimming Federation for the Physically Handicapped and everyone involved in para-sports in Japan.
I participated in the training camp again this year and learned various things such as swimming skills and knowledge of athletes and coaches.
We will do our best to participate in the swimming competition of the Tokyo 2020 Games from Nepal. I am looking forward to continuing our good relationship.

Exchange and Swimming Coaching with the Nepal Paralympic Swimming Association1
Exchange and Swimming Coaching with the Nepal Paralympic Swimming Association2