【Cambodia】World Theater Project

Time Period
Apr., 2016 to Sep., 2017
World Theater Project
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
28,111 people
Since its inauguration in September 2012, the World Theater Project has been conducting mobile movie screening activities for children living in rural Cambodia. By continuing this activity, we aim to help many children draw their future goals.

Among the movies being screened, there was also a soccer animation movie called "Theatrical Version Yuto-kun Gaiku" supervised by soccer player Mr. Nagatomo. We also donate soccer balls to the village and held soccer workshops to coincide with the screening of the movie.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

After showing a soccer movie, children who used to play handball with soccer balls started playing soccer. Many children want to go to school because they can watch the movie. There was also a request from the teacher to show more because it would increase the motivation of the children.

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