Sumo Festival “Beyond 2020”

Time Period
4th Oct., 2017
Tokyo, Japan
Sport/Programme Category
Nihon Sumo Kyokai
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
Approx. 700 people
As part of the program of the Secretariat of the Cabinet Secretariat Olympic and Paralympic Promotion Headquarters, we held the second trial project of sumo wrestling to accept diverse customers.

We invited 4,000 foreigners, people with disabilities, kids, seniors, and a variety of people.
We have created a space for people with wheelchairs to view and have implemented announcements in characters and sign language on the monitor so that even the deaf and hard of hearing can enjoy sumo. The announcement was made with simultaneous interpretation in Japanese and English.

See below for the Japanese version.

Sumo Festival “Beyond 2020”1
Sumo Festival “Beyond 2020”2
Sumo Festival “Beyond 2020”3
Sumo Festival “Beyond 2020”4

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