【Brunei】Judo Exchange Project “Japan-ASEAN JITA-KYOEI PROJECT”

Time Period
14th to 19th May., 2017
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Sport/Programme Category
The Japan Foundation Asia Center
Kodokan Judo Institute
Recipient Organisation
Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in Brunei
Embassy of Japan in Brunei
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
415 people
Only Brunei does not have a judo federation in 10 ASEAN countries. To popularize judo in Brunei, two judo experts conducted a survey, introduced and practiced judo in Brunei as a joint project between the Kodokan and the Japan Foundation Asia Center.
In addition to judo demonstrations, a courtesy visit to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Brunei, a courtesy visit to the Japanese Embassy, judo experience, and practical training were held.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Participant :

-I became interested in judo.
-If a judo class is held in Brunei, there will be more opportunities to learn judo.
-I expect the spread of judo in Brunei.
-I want you to send a judo leader to Brunei.
-I want you to come to Brunei again.
-I want you to hold a demonstration at school.

【Brunei】Judo Exchange Project “Japan-ASEAN JITA-KYOEI PROJECT”1
【Brunei】Judo Exchange Project “Japan-ASEAN JITA-KYOEI PROJECT”2