USF Sports Camp in Shizuoka, Spring 2017

Time Period
18th to 20th Mar., 2017
Shizuoka, Japan
Sport/Programme Category
Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Sepak Takraw
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
5 people
( Ukraine 2 people, Pakistan 1 person, Uzbekistan 1 person, Indonesia 1 person)
The purpose of the accommodation-type sports camp is to promote communication and international exchange through sports with participating children and volunteer staff. By experiencing multiple competitions, participants are exposed to the diversity of sports and promote their interest in and understanding of sports and culture.

At the camp in Shizuoka prefecture, four sports are held: soccer, basketball, volleyball, and sepak takraw. We invited a former Japanese national team player as a lecturer for a demonstration masterclass, and we all enjoyed sports while learning the basic movements and rules. We also communicated by playing games that are popular overseas and experiencing traditional sports overseas during sports lectures.

See below for the Japanese version.

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USF Sports Camp in Shizuoka, Spring 20172
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