The 1st All Japan RINK-BANDY Akan Tournament

Time Period
7th to 9th Jan., 2017
Hokkaido, Japan
Sport/Programme Category
Japan Bandy Federation
Kushiro City
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
1 person
Japan's first Bandy competition was held in Kushiro, an area where ice hockey is thriving, with many potential athletes. At the competition, we invited athletes from Russia to showcase their high level of competition. We also held a seminar to promote the sport of Bandy.

Many bandy athletes live in Osaka, Tokyo, and Kushiro, so I only practiced. The event was held in Kushiro, where there is a possibility of a full-size bandy rink maintenance due to growing needs for the game.
Kushiro has a lot of potential athletes due to the popularity of ice hockey, so we held a seminar by Russian athletes to spread it to beginners.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Participant :

It was nice to be able to experience a full-fledged bandy. It wasn't as intense as ice hockey, so I found that more people could enjoy it. It is expected that holding the tournament during the off-season in winter will contribute to the promotion of the tourism industry in Kushiro in winter. With the participation of Russian athletes, the international flavor has become richer, and we would like to continue holding the event in the future.

The 1st All Japan RINK-BANDY Akan Tournament1
The 1st All Japan RINK-BANDY Akan Tournament2
The 1st All Japan RINK-BANDY Akan Tournament3
The 1st All Japan RINK-BANDY Akan Tournament4
The 1st All Japan RINK-BANDY Akan Tournament5
The 1st All Japan RINK-BANDY Akan Tournament6

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