【Australia】Dispatched Japanese Martial Arts Delegation (2016 FY)

Time Period
9th to 16th Nov., 2016
Sydney, Australia
Sport/Programme Category
Martial Arts
Nippon Budokan
Japan Martial Arts Council
Japan Sports Agency
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Embassy of Japan in Australia
Consulate General of Japan in Sydney
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
2,100 people
As part of the "40th Anniversary of the Signing of the Basic Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between Australia and Japan", we dispatched a Japanese martial arts delegation consisting of modern martial arts and ancient martial arts to Australia.

We held martial arts seminars, martial arts experience sessions, and martial arts exchange training sessions to promote international understanding and popularization of martial arts, and contributed to the friendship and goodwill between Japan and the Australian Federation.

See below for the Japanese version.
【Australia】Dispatched Japanese Martial Arts Delegation (2016 FY)1
【Australia】Dispatched Japanese Martial Arts Delegation (2016 FY)2
【Australia】Dispatched Japanese Martial Arts Delegation (2016 FY)3
【Australia】Dispatched Japanese Martial Arts Delegation (2016 FY)4