【Thailand】ASEAN Schools Games

Time Period
22nd to 28th Jul., 2016
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Japan Sport Council
Recipient Organisation
ASEAN School Games Committee
Ministry of Tourism & Sports (Thailan)
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
1,640 people
The Japan Sport Council (JSC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand, which operates ASEAN School Games, gave a presentation utilizing JSC's knowledge and distributed novelties at the team leaders' meeting. The ASEAN School Games, which will be held for the 8th time this year, was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and 8 countries from ASEAN participated and 11 competitions were held during the period of about one week.

JSC introduced the activities of Sport for Tomorrow (SFT) at the team leaders' meeting where representatives from each country gather. We promoted the construction of a network between the ASEAN region and SFT toward 2020. We distributed novelties that make use of the knowledge of athlete lifestyles to youth athletes gathered from each country to educate them about their regular life as athletes. Many of the participants from ASEAN already knew about SFT and participated in programs, and realized the expansion of the network.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

-I would like to continue to cooperate with SFT in the future.
-I look forward to activities in Malaysia in the future.

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