【Thailand】2018 Umpiem Refugee Camp Soccer Festival

Time Period
20th June 2018
Umpiem Refugee Camp
Sport/Programme Category
Shanti Volunteer Association Myanmar(Burma) Refugee Project Office
Recipient Organisation
Umpiem Refugee Camp
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
170 people

On June 20, Refugee Day, we held the Umpiem Refugee Camp Soccer Festival. Shinnosuke Honda, who lives in Thailand, was invited. Soccer classes were held, and children read or listened to stories from a soccer-themed picture book. Japanese participants also joined the soccer classes, creating a new space for person-to-person exchanges.

 Honda listened to the children speak about their dreams. “There were times when I got frustrated pursuing my own dreams, but I kept trying and now I work as a coach,” Honda told the children. “So first of all, everyone, chase your dreams!” This event was about instilling in the children the ability to dream and chase those dreams.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

Comments from children who participated in the soccer exchange.
Typically, there is no coach to teach soccer at Umpiem Refugee Camp. This was the first chance for us to try a soccer class, and it was really fun. I want to keep playing soccer.

【Thailand】2018 Umpiem Refugee Camp Soccer Festival1
【Thailand】2018 Umpiem Refugee Camp Soccer Festival2
【Thailand】2018 Umpiem Refugee Camp Soccer Festival3
【Thailand】2018 Umpiem Refugee Camp Soccer Festival4