【Kenya】Table Tennis Tables Donated as a Part of Support in Kenya

Time Period
14th Jul, 2018
Sport/Programme Category
table tennis
SAN-EI Corporation
Recipient Organisation
Kenya Table Tennis Federation
University of Tsukuba・TIAS
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
5000 person

Through table tennis, we are showing the potential of a brighter future based on table tennis training of local children, particularly girls. The specific support includes the donation of table tennis tables for use in the program. If the right conditions are in place, there may even be a possibility of licensing manufacturing technology in the future.

There is a program for creating the future of Kenya, in which the Department of Sports of the Ministry of Sports and Heritage plays a central role, to develop the educational environment while creating opportunities for a brighter future for youth. SAN-EI Corporation provides table tennis tables to public agencies and conducts activities that contribute to the success of these types of programs. If it can be confirmed that the provision of table tennis tables can contribute to the program on a permanent basis, it may lead to the development of industry and creation of jobs through the transfer of manufacturing technology.

Andrew Mudibo The President of the Kenya Table Tennis Association

Feedback from Local Contacts :

Through Sports for Tomorrow, Japan is targeting 10 million people in developing countries, to leave a legacy of the Games all over the world; in Kenya they settled on the girls’ table tennis project in underprivileged areas. Our target is to field more players in the sport and it is our prayer and hope that a girl from this program will make it to the Olympic Games. A lot has to be done in terms of equipment, it is not enough but it’s a step forward to the intended target.

【Kenya】Table Tennis Tables Donated as a Part of Support in Kenya1
【Kenya】Table Tennis Tables Donated as a Part of Support in Kenya2
【Kenya】Table Tennis Tables Donated as a Part of Support in Kenya3
【Kenya】Table Tennis Tables Donated as a Part of Support in Kenya4